To: Representatives of the 2021/22 Session

From: Rep. Tyler August

Re: Inauguration 2021 Procedures

Date: 12/23/2020

With the ongoing pandemic, planning for the 2021/22 Assembly Inauguration has been extremely challenging. We have looked at ways to protect the health of legislators, guests and staff while still celebrating this special day. I ask members to be flexible as seating and procedures for inauguration may be different than past and future session days. Masks are strongly encouraged for both guests and legislators.

For Inauguration Day, legislators will be divided up into two groups: Group A & B. Group A will be seated in the Assembly Chambers for the duration of the ceremony. Group A will be comprised of freshmen legislators, leadership and other legislators. Group B will be comprised of the remaining legislators and will begin the ceremony in the Assembly Parlor.

At the start of the ceremony, galleries will consist solely of guests of the 16 incoming freshmen legislators. Groups will have assigned seating and will be socially-distanced from other groups.

Inauguration Day will begin with the opening invocation, presentation of colors and pledge of allegiance. Chief Justice Roggensack will then swear in Group A. Group A will be ushered to the front of the chambers one-by-one to sign the register. Signing will be done alphabetically and member’s names will be called by the presiding officer.

Upon completion of Group A signing the register, the guests will be asked to either return to their legislator’s office or watch the rest of the ceremony from the rotunda which will have a TV broadcasting the ceremony. Chief Justice Roggensack will then proceed to the Assembly Parlor to swear in Group B. Group B will then be ushered into the chamber one-by-one to sign the register. Upon signing the register, members of Group B will exit the chambers and take a seat in one of the Assembly galleries where they will remain until the completion of the ceremony.

Once all members have been sworn in and signed the register, the body will move onto the election of Speaker, Speaker Pro-Tempore and Sergeant-at-Arms. The Assembly will then take up AR1, AR2 & SJR1. Any roll call votes will be done verbally.

The ceremony will conclude with Rep. Petryk signing “God Bless America” and any Announcements/Adjournments.

All seating on the floor, parlor and galleries will be assigned with name plates issued by the Sergeant at Arms. It is important that members sit in their assigned seating.

Returning members are asked to be flexible with their seating assignments for the day in an effort to accommodate incoming freshman. Should a member have a strong preference as to which seating group they are included in, please let me know right away by responding to this email. We will be finalizing seating next week and will be sending out seating placements before the first of the year.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

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