A bill that would raise mandatory minimum prison sentences for fifth- and sixth-offense drunk driving offenses is on its way to the governor’s desk.  

Under current law, a person convicted for a fifth or sixth time of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated must be fined at least $600 and imprisoned for a minimum of six months. SB 6 would raise the mandatory prison sentence to 18 months. 

But several Dems objected to the measure, citing a lack of funding for increased capacity to house and provide treatment for those convicted.

The Department of Corrections fiscal estimate found the bill could raise operating costs by $13.6 million annually, as well as potentially lower county jail costs. 

The bill passed 88-10 after passing the Senate last fall by voice vote. 

Other bills going to Gov. Tony Evers include: 

*SB 368, which would make money laundering, the intentional concealment or disguise of a fund’s source, a state crime. Punishments in the bill would vary from a Class A misdemeanor to a Class F felony depending on the amount of money laundered. The bill passed by voice vote. 

*AB 357, which would create a framework for licensing third-party operators who assist in filing and negotiating property insurance claims. It originally passed the Assembly by voice vote in the fall. The Senate then passed it by voice vote in January with an amendment tweaking the language. The Assembly passed the amendment version today by voice vote. 

*AB 531, which would require student ID cards to include contact information for suicide prevention hotlines. The bill first passed the Assembly by voice vote last fall. But the Senate passed it last month with an amendment tweaking the language. The amended version passed today by voice vote.

*SB 139, which would make bestiality a felony. The bill, which would up sexual contact with an animal from a misdemeanor, failed to become law last year. But it now heads to Evers’ desk after clearing the Senate this fall and passing by voice vote in the Assembly.

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