Yesterday, Senator Tammy Baldwin and former Senator Heidi Heitkamp hosted a Biden for President Build Back Better “Rural Roadshow” event in Northeast Wisconsin to highlight what’s at stake for rural communities this November, including health care and the economy. State Representative and Congressional candidate Amanda Stuck also joined the event, along with Ashland County Board Supervisor and Bad River Tribe member Philomena Kabec and former State Director of USDA Rural Development in Wisconsin, Stan Gruszynski.

Vice President Biden delivered pre-recorded remarks during the event, and leaders outlined his plan for rural America and why he is the clear choice for rural Wisconsinites this November. The leaders also discussed how voters can cast their ballots ahead of early in-person voting, which starts on Tuesday, October 20.

“As you just heard from Joe Biden directly, he knows that rural communities are the backbone of America. They fuel us, they feed us. And a healthy, vibrant rural America is really a key to our success as a nation. But today, rural communities are struggling…As president, Joe Biden will tackle the unique challenges facing rural families, workers and producers. Joe will fundamentally revitalize rural economies beginning with pursuing a trade policy that works for Wisconsin farmers,” said Senator Tammy Baldwin.

“Our rural values are hard work, they’re honesty. Your handshake is your word. They’re empathy, caring for your neighbor. No one represents those rural values better than Joe Biden…Let’s fight for what we know is right in this country and let’s fight to revitalize rural American by bringing broadband to every corner of Wisconsin and North Dakota. Let’s fight to make sure that our children have the opportunity to get the best education, and that our rural healthcare is still there… This plan of Joe Biden’s is full of examples where he listened and he gets it…He understands rural America,” said Senator Heidi Heitkamp.

Watch on WLUK (Fox) Green Bay  

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