Two Republican lawmakers are knocking Dem Tony Evers for vetoing their bills, including one the guv believed would eliminate consumer protections for those entering sweepstakes.

Among other things, SB 292 sought to eliminate the requirement that the odds of receiving a prize be stated according to the number awarded out of the total notices distributed.

Sen. Devin LeMahieu, R-Oostburg, said the bill had bipartisan co-sponsors and passed on voice votes in both houses. He said the guv’s staff raised concerns during meetings on the bill before it passed the Legislature. But he said the guv’s office didn’t get into details or try to work toward a solution. He also dismissed the guv’s suggestion the bill would’ve weakened consumer protections.

“I’m not thrilled right now,” he said.

Meanwhile, SB 43 sought to formally allow paddlewheel raffles. Evers wrote in his veto message that he objected to expanding what constitutes a raffle. He also feared the bill posed a threat to the exclusive rights of tribes to offer class III gaming in Wisconsin.

Sen. Andre Jacque, R-De Pere, said paddlewheel raffles are a popular offering at fundraisers, and vetoing the bill means those organizations putting them on run the risk of being prosecuted by the Department of Revenue.

His statement didn’t address the guv’s concerns over the possible impact of the proposed change on gaming compacts.

“It is extremely disappointing that Governor Evers is interested in groups like ABATE and the VFW continuing to operate in the shadows and under threat of the Department of Revenue,” Jacque said.

Evers acted on more than five dozen bills yesterday.

See the veto messages:

See the releases on the bills he signed:

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