The Department of Public Instruction is waiving mandates on the number of educational hours districts must provide students as the state continues to deal with the coronavirus pandemic that closed K-12 schools.

The agency said late yesterday districts will still be required to file a waiver, but DPI will work to expedite the process. It’s also asking Gov. Tony Evers to suspend administrative code temporarily so districts can use a simplified form to have their request granted immediately.

DPI is also seeking a waiver from the federal government on mandated tests and plans to ask the guv and Legislature to suspend state testing requirements this spring.

“The DPI is taking action to remove barriers that may be in the way of our schools and students during these trying times,” said Superintendent Carolyn Stanford Taylor.

The agency last week filed a waiver seeking permission from the federal government to continue providing meals to economically disadvantaged families during the school shutdowns. The agency said the waiver was approved.

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