By David Wise

WEST ALLIS – Voters in Milwaukee County’s West Allis faced long lines to access at least two of the city’s polling places as the polls closed on Election Day.

At City Hall, the line stretched roughly 200 yards around two faces of the building and for about half of a third face, where the entrance was. Voters reported waiting about two hours to get through the line. 

At the West Allis Recreation Center, the line stretched about 150 yards shortly before the polls closed. 

The city had five polling places open today. Other polling places include Central and Nathan Hale High Schools, and Lane Intermediate School.  

West Allis Mayor Dan Devine in a tweet said the city was aware of the lines and that the city won’t issue parking tickets unless people are blocking driveways or fire hydrants.

Paul Quesnell, who was waiting in line at City Hall, complained that the city should have had more places open, such as other schools. 

“It would be a whole lot safer,” he said. “Open up some gyms. There’s plenty of room.”

Voter Amanda Gonzalez described the wait as “awful” but said it would have been worse if it were raining or snowing. She said she observed the line earlier in the day, and was surprised it persisted this late. 

Ron Mueller was last in line at City Hall. He said he had just gotten off of work. 

“You do what you gotta do,” he said about the wait ahead of him. 

A voter who missed the 8 p.m. cutoff had an angry exchange from her car window with a poll worker, protesting that she went to the wrong polling place initially.  

As voters stood in line at City Hall, volunteers passed out free pizza, and people were playing music and dancing in an open area. 

At the West Allis Recreation Center, volunteers were handing out snacks and water. A food truck emblazoned with “Democratically Delicious” was parked nearby. 

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