MADISON —​ Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes today delivered the Democratic Radio Address on the release of the Governor’s Task Force on Climate Change Report, which the task force released yesterday after a year of meetings and listening sessions.

Hi everybody, Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes here. This week, I’m proud to announce that the Governor’s Task Force on Climate Change has released its full report including over 50 strategies for Wisconsin to begin addressing the climate crisis.

Climate change is having an impact on everyone in our state—whether it be illness caused by air pollution, loss of life and livelihood from extreme weather events, or the economic toll it’s having on farmers, the tourism industry, or infrastructure.

Communities of color and low-income communities in our state are feeling the burden of the climate crisis the most—despite contributing the least to the problem. In order to address this crisis and the environmental injustices associated with it, we must take urgent action.

That’s why in October of last year, Gov. Evers signed Executive Order #52 creating the Governor’s Task Force on Climate Change and appointing me as its Chair.

I’m proud to have led this work as we considered science and data, learned from Native Nations, farmers, nonprofit organizations, businesses, and local governments that are already taking action to address the crisis, and — most importantly —  listened to the experiences of Wisconsinites — particularly those of communities that have been excluded from policymaking in the past.

The solutions in the report range from the creation of an office to address environmental injustices, green job training programs for displaced and marginalized workers, funding to help farmers adopt more sustainable practices, policies to promote cleaner methods of transportation, and statutory changes to help the energy sector transition to cleaner energy production.

This report will lay the foundation for our state to become a leader in tackling the climate crisis. Find the report at and join us in fighting for a cleaner, safer, and more equitable Wisconsin.

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