The latest episode of “Meeting in Middle America” with host Steven Olikara features a conversation with reporter Stephanie Hoff revisiting a recent interview with Martin Luther King III. Olikara and Hoff discuss several clips from the Millennial Action Project’s Future Summit event, where King delivered a keynote address. The podcast highlights diverse individuals finding common ground amid divisive political landscapes, formerly fringe movements coming into the mainstream, and the concept of the “sixth gear.”

“That sixth gear is where the vision for your purpose is absolutely clear, and you’re willing to make sacrifices for that purpose and it’s often an inconvenient path to get there,” Olikara said. “When you have this clear sense of purpose, you know why you’re doing the work you’re doing.”

“Meeting in Middle America” is a collaboration between the Lubar Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee and Sponsored by WAGET and Bridge & Build.

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