More than half of the Milwaukee 2020 Host Committee’s staff have been laid off or offered positions in other Dem organizations due to a “climate of uncertainty” around community organization and the coronavirus. 

The committee revealed yesterday that, out of its original 31-person staff, six have been laid off and 11 have been offered positions with the Democratic National Convention Committee or as party organizers. 

“As we work to help our staff transition through this difficult time, we remain steadfast in our commitment to hosting a successful and safe Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee this August,” said Raquel Filmanowicz, host committee CEO. 

During the Press Club event, Wikler said the change makes sense with the idea of what the convention will even end up looking like still unknown while Milwaukee and the country are adapting to the virus. 

“If there’s not a convention with the same tens of thousands of people all coming in, you plan something very different,” Wikler said. “(The host committee is) doing the most effective thing to launch our nominee.” 

Hitt added that COVID-19 affects everyone and “everybody is doing the best they can” in both parties to hold safe and successful conventions. 

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