MILWAUKEE – Representative LaKeshia Myers (D-12), issued the following statement regarding the Wisconsin Congressional Republicans’ vote on COVID-19 relief package:

“The ‘no’ votes taken by the Wisconsin Congressional Republicans is a clear example of dereliction of duty.  Instead of thinking about public health and the Wisconsin communities they serve these four men would rather Wisconsinites have no financial relief for lost wages, no paid sick leave, no access to additional food, and no free virus testing.  This shows exactly where their priorities lie and it is sadly, not with the people of Wisconsin.  I hope those Wisconsinites who live in Congressional Districts one, five, six, and eight remember that their representatives abandoned them in a time of crisis.  They should take this memory with them into the ballot box in November and select better representation.  In times like these we all deserve true leadership; not neglect and willful ignorance drenched in reckless abandon.”

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