“People have been struggling to navigate a UI System filled with barriers created by Senator Fitzgerald and his caucus.   The pleas for social justice and safe elections have been ringing across the state for months. And yet, the only time we rush back to the floor is to restrict the Governor’s ability to respond to this pandemic.”
“And I’m not buying the ‘freedom’ argument or ‘it’s my body and my choice’ argument either.  Voting rights have been eroded from people of color, and women have been losing their ability to make their own healthcare decisions for years now.”
“As of July 31st, 934 people have lost their lives in Wisconsin and 96% of our state’s population lives in a place with a high level of COVID-19.  Saying no is an easy thing to do.  But not having a plan to keep Wisconsinites safe during a pandemic is reckless.”
“As we’ve seen before, the GOP has NO PLAN for this pandemic, only to say ‘NO’ to the one thing we know will keep Wisconsinites safe.”
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