WAUSAU, WI –  Less than one week out from Election Day, WI-7 candidate Tricia Zunker will address the importance of voting this year in a press conference with Assembly District 85 candidate Jeff Johnson and Wausau Mayor Katie Rosenberg.

What: Press Conference

Where: 400 Block in Wausau; corner of Scott Street and 4th Street

Date: Wednesday, October 28

Time: 3:30 pm.

“For too long, our community has been dealing with an avoidable global health pandemic and a painful economic recession. Many people have lost jobs, hours, pay, health care, or the small business they started, through no fault of their own. But we have a real opportunity here to restore healthy government on November 3. This is the most consequential election of our lifetime and I encourage everyone to exercise their fundamental right to vote,” said Zunker.

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