If there is one thing I have learned in my time in our caucus, it is that I am surrounded by people with immense talent. We have members in our caucus that are amazing speakers, able to move people with their passion and reason. We have members with incredibly strategic minds, able to see several moves ahead and chart a path forward. We have members who are experts, able to understand complex issues and develop policies that will genuinely improve our communities. Over and over again, I am so damn impressed by you all.

This is why I am running for Assistant Democratic Leader. I want to tap into the full potential of each member of our caucus. I want to develop your unique ideas, both for our party’s efforts and for each of your districts. I want to find those points of connection between members that were previously unknown. I want to build solidarity at every turn and compromise when it’s necessary.

I believe I can be a true asset to our leadership team because, if there is one thing I do well, it is listening. I can recognize a good idea, a good project, help to improve it, and bring it to fruition. I can be a sounding board for your frustrations and help to solve any problems that may arise. The reality is that there is far more skill and knowledge in our caucus than I will ever have on my own. I truly believe that we will only achieve our full potential if leadership reflects the best of all of our members, not just those at the head of the table.

If you give me your support, I promise to spend my time doing everything I can to lift you up, build on the progress made by Representative Hesselbein, and raise our caucus to new heights.

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