The Assembly today signed off on allowing pharmacists to prescribe certain contraceptives with seven Republicans opposed.

AB 36, now headed to the Senate after an 83-7 Assembly vote, would also require the Department of Health Services reimburse women for the costs of those contraceptives if they fall under the Medical Assistance program and if a prescription is required under federal law, or provided by a pharmacist acting under the scope of his or her practice.

Author Rep. Joel Kitchens, R-Sturgeon Bay, said the bill is needed because it would decrease generational wealth gaps, the number of abortions in Wisconsin and increase women’s access to health care.

The Assembly also approved by voice vote an amendment that would require a questionnaire to be filled out by patients explaining contraceptives being offered do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases. The amendment also requires the questionnaire to include language recommending patients annually meet with a medical professional to discuss their birth control.

The amendment would also allow pharmacy employees who are not actual pharmacists to administer the questionnaire and administer a blood pressure test as long as a pharmacist reviews the results of both before prescribing birth control.

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