Gov. Tony Evers, who hasn’t formally announced his plans for 2022, will tell Dem activists on Saturday they’re going to come out of 2022 “with even more victories under our belt,” according to excerpts of his planned remarks.

“And I’ll tell you why: because, for us, it’s not just about what we’re fighting against; it’s about what we believe in and what we’re fighting for,” Evers will say, according to the excerpts.

The guv this week rolled out the senior leadership for his campaign after finishing 2020 with $3.4 million in his campaign account. He’s sent other signals he plans to run next year, but has stopped short of a formal declaration.

The excerpts Evers’ campaign released this afternoon includes some lines that parallel his 2018 election themes as he ran on expanding Medicaid, investing in schools and fixing the state’s roads.

He will tout efforts to make broadband affordable and accessible, fix roads and bridges, create an economy that “works for everyone,” and address racial disparities.

Evers also will predict that Republicans “aren’t going to make it easy,” noting their efforts to oppose his agenda, from suing him in court to “playing politics with our recovery” from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“But that’s why we’re going to spend every day for the next 521 days working to win every inch and elect Democrats up and down the ballot in this state,” Evers will say.

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