Gov. Tony Evers today vetoed GOP proposals to revamp Wisconsin’s legislative and congressional boundaries, all but ensuring the courts will draw the maps for the 2022 elections.

The move was widely expected after Evers had called on GOP lawmakers to start over after they released plans that would help lock in their majorities in the state Legislature.

In a video statement, Evers called the GOP maps “gerrymandering 2.0.”

“Elected officials shouldn’t be able to depend on the comfort of their seats instead of the quality of their work, and the gerrymandered maps Republicans passed a decade ago have enabled legislators to safely ignore the people who elected them,” Evers said in the statement.

The move comes a day after the state Supreme Court laid out a timeline for deciding the redistricting case, including a possible trial beginning Jan. 18. The court also signaled it will rule on or around Nov. 30 on three questions it had asked the parties to weigh in on. That includes whether the justices should use a “least-change” approach to new maps as advocated by GOP lawmakers and whether the partisan makeup of districts is a valid factor to consider.

Meanwhile, a federal court yesterday added at least another month to the stay it issued in a redistricting suit to give the Wisconsin Supreme Court more time on the similar case before the justices. The order, issued before the state Supreme Court laid out a possible timeline, extended a previously issued stay until Dec. 6. The three-judge panel will then reevaluate whether it’s necessary to move toward a possible trial.

See Evers’ release.

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