U.S. Rep. Glenn Grothman during his speech at the GOP state convention today said undocumented immigrants are coming to the U.S. because the Biden Administration won’t enforce immigration laws.

“They’re coming here because Kamala Harris and Joe Biden, both now and in the campaign, made it clear that they’re not going to enforce the laws,” said Grothman, R-Glenbeulah.

Grothman also said “the wall is working” despite the fencing at the U.S.-Mexico border not being completed. President Joe Biden halted funding for the project after entering office. But Grothman said the portion of the barrier that has been built must be working because more people are entering the country by boat.

Grothman accused Biden of handing out stimulus checks to illegal immigrants, though stimulus checks were only allocated to those with Social Security numbers. He then bashed Biden for discussing racism and mentioning white supremacy during his inaugural speech, alleging he has a “divisive agenda.”

“He’s doing all he can to destroy the country by making this pitch,” Grothman said. “It’s a very dangerous step he’s taking.”

Grothman also accused critical race theory proponents of teaching children that police are racist and giving unfair special treatment to people of color. He referenced the Black farmers’ debt relief program, which a federal judge halted. Grothman also said Democrats are “obsessed” with “educating everybody about how racist we are.”

“How many of you ever in your life have run into a white supremacist?” Grothman rhetorically asked a crowd of Republican activists.

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