Dear Colleagues,

When I became Minority Caucus Sergeant At Arms, my goal was simple: to put this caucus in the best position to be successful, and for us to be seen as one unified team. The past several years have challenged us all, and the Assembly Democratic Caucus is no exception, from navigating the COVID-19 pandemic to dealing with Wisconsin having the most partisan gerrymander in the country. It has been a privilege to serve with such a talented and diverse group of colleagues, and I look forward to the work ahead of us in advocating for our state during these times. Today, I am writing to ask for your support to serve as Assistant Leader for the Assembly Democratic Caucus.

Firstly, I want to thank Representative Dianne Hesselbein for her service during her tenure as Assistant Minority Leader. While serving in leadership with Dianne, I have appreciated her insight and dedication to lifting up her colleagues. As we move forward, I know we will all continue to support and encourage our fellow members. Every one of us has the tools, energy and ability to be strong individual legislators, and we bring our own unique strengths to the Assembly Democratic Caucus.

As a member of leadership, I have worked to make our caucus more focused, more effective, and more intentional with our collective efforts on messaging. As the Democratic caucus we made progress in all areas. I am a strong believer in being a team, because when we work together and support one another, we are stronger through.. As a Democratic caucus, we are most effective in communicating our values and providing a contrast to the misguided priorities and actions of our Republican colleagues when we stick together.

As we all know, the stakes couldn’t be higher this session. With a larger caucus than in the past, we have an even greater opportunity to positively impact decisions made. The goal of the minority is to be in the majority, and I want to work toward that goal in every single election moving forward. I am committed to keeping that goal in mind and always preparing to move forward. We all know that proper preparation prevents poor performance.

As your Assistant Democratic Leader, I want to build a trusting caucus where we can continue to uplift others’ opinions and work. As you all count on me, I will be counting on the rest of the members in our caucus as well. In 2022, not only do I plan to challenge myself and our caucus as a whole, I want each member to challenge themselves in all legislative areas. During this past year, we have sometimes struggled to reflect our individual districts in amplifying an overarching caucus message. I want to make those choices easier for everyone. We are all blessed to be in the position to represent our districts, and it is our responsibility to fight for everyone, no matter the district they are in or the color of their skin. Every Wisconsinite is worth the effort. It is incumbent upon all of us to live up to that responsibility.

Most importantly, I will approach the role of Assistant Democratic Leader with an open mind and ready to work. I know we will face obstacles and barriers, but our strength is in our collective values and voice. I have enjoyed working with our freshman members as well as those who have already been here. I am confident we can make the foundation of our caucus even stronger and put Republicans on their heels.

Thank you for your consideration.

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