Dear Colleagues,

As you may have already seen, today I announced that I am running for the Wisconsin State Senate. Since 2017, I have proudly served our caucus as we met challenges, and delivered wins for the people of Wisconsin. I know that together as a caucus, each of our talents produced effective solutions and policies that benefit people all across our state, not merely those who share our political affiliation.

We do not have to look far to see the value of our combined efforts. During my tenure, our caucus gained three seats, became more diverse, and for the first time in history the majority of our caucus is women. Our success resulted from steady caucus leadership, commitment to our values, patience and tireless work by everyone. Looking forward, we will continue to advocate for policies that truly serve Wisconsin’s working families as we take steps to return to a majority. As your Assistant Democratic Leader over the past five years, I am honored to have helped lead our caucus closer to this goal.

I am proud to have fought alongside all of you as your Assistant Leader, and I will continue to do so as a caucus member. I will serve until February 14, 2022 to facilitate a seamless transition for the next Assistant Leader.


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