New language in the pandemic relief bill would likely mean about 195,000 fewer Wisconsin filers getting $1,400 relief checks, according to figures from the state Department of Revenue.

Still, more than 3.2 million filers are in line for the stimulus money under the Senate version of the $1.9 trillion pandemic relief bill the House is taking up this week.

The Senate lowered the annual income caps for people who would receive checks to $80,000 from $100,000 for individual filers and to $160,000 from $200,000 for joint filers.

At the request of, the DOR provided income figures for 2019, the latest year available. They showed 1.4 million individual filers and 1.8 million individuals filing jointly would receive checks under the Senate version of the bill.

The lower income cap means 59,619 individual filers and 136,036 joint filers won’t receive checks, but would’ve qualified under the income levels in the House bill.

In all, 130,267 individual filers and 341,280 joint filers in Wisconsin wouldn’t receive checks under the Senate version of the bill.

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