We have reviewed the Verified Complaint filed by Mr. Engel on behalf of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. The Complaint is wrong on the facts, wrong on the law and a desperate attempt to smear Dr. Kerr’s well-earned stellar reputation.

First, we question whether an unincorporated state political party may even ask the District Attorney to prosecute an ethics complaint. Next, there is no legal mechanism for a private party to seek enforcement of one of the statutes the Democratic Party of Wisconsin alleges Dr. Kerr violated – sec. 946.12. Again, had the Democratic Party of Wisconsin reviewed the statutes before recklessly filing a complaint, it would have realized this.

Finally, even if the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s complaint were properly filed, there is no merit to the allegations. Dr. Kerr consistently maintained an appropriate boundary between her professional work on behalf of the students, parents and stakeholders of Brown Deer School District and her personal pursuits. Ask any student, teacher, board member, or parent and they will tell you Dr. Kerr worked far beyond the 8:00 to 4:00 regular school hours. The DPW’s attempts to paint Dr. Kerr’s pursuits as anything other than working for the children of Brown Deer and the State of Wisconsin is shameful and an abuse of the legal system to try to influence an election in which the DPW has endorsed Dr. Kerr’s radical opponent. That Dr. Kerr has been endorsed by former Secretaries of Education from both the Obama and Trump administrations should tell you everything you need to know about Dr. Kerr’s commitment, experience, and ability to put the interests of students ahead of petty politics.

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