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LeaderEthics-Wisconsin will announce the recipient of the LeaderEthics Award at the annual meeting at noon on Tuesday, March 23, 2021. Board president, Brandon Harris reports, “The board was very impressed with the calibre of nominees submitted. We were faced with a very difficult decision.” Executive Director, Lee Rasch adds, “This is the first time we are offering this award. We find it very encouraging to have true role models for ethical leadership among elected officials.”

LeaderEthics-Wisconsin is a nonpartisan/nonprofit organization committed to promoting ethical leadership among elected officials. The organization supports four key principles of ethical leadership.

Ethical leaders are:
– honest and truthful

– transparent with public information

– a unifier rather than a divider

– committed to represent their entire constituency

To be considered, nominees must meet the following criteria:

The LeaderEthics Award recipient currently holds (or has held in the past) a local, state or national office representing a constituency in Wisconsin. Furthermore, they have demonstrated ethical leadership as an elected official in one or more of the following areas:

1) In their official capacity, they have demonstrated the above four principles of ethical leadership.

2) They have demonstrated courage by advocating for ethical leadership in the face of political opposition.

3) They have a lifetime of service in support of ethical practices that promote the integrity of the American democracy.


Also at the event…

UW-La Crosse Political Science Professor Emeritus, Joe Heim, will provide an analysis of the partisan politics of today.
Lee Rasch will review organizational highlights from the past three years, and offer projections on the pathway forward.
To attend this event, click on the Zoom access link:

For more information, via the email listed below, reach out to:

Mariah Studinski, office support, or

Lee Rasch, Executive Director

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