Scheduled Events

The 2021 edition of the Libertarian Party Of Wisconsin state convention will take place on April 24th at the Lismore in Eau Claire.

The business meeting will take place in the morning with election of officers and district representatives to the LPWI executive committee, discussion and votes on bylaws changes, and various committee reports.

The afternoon and evening sessions will include appearances and participation by an impressive list of guests and speakers that includesΒ  2020 LP Presidential Candidate Jo Jorgensen, 2020 LP Vice-presidential candidate Spike Cohen, well known Libertarian activist Adam Kokesh, National Libertarian Party chair Joe Bishop-Henchmen, and National Party secretary Caryn Ann Harlos.

More information and tickets are available by clicking the convention tab on the LPWI website.

Libertarian Party of Wisconsin (

Mike Hammond
LPWI Marketing Committee.

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