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MADISON, Wis. – Earlier this evening, Governor Tony Evers delivered his budget address – highlighting funding priorities for the next biennium. One of the most notable aspects of the governor’s budget is a drastic increase in K-12 education funding. Governor Evers’ plan seeks to fulfill the state’s 2/3rds funding promise (committing over $600 million more to general school aids), raise special education reimbursements approximately $709 million (45% in FY2021-22 & 50% in FY2022-23), and increase revenue limits by $200 per pupil in FY2021-22 and $204 in FY2022-23. Representative Sondy Pope (D-Mt. Horeb), the ranking member on the Committee on Education expressed her support for the provisions:

“Governor Evers has once again shown that his priorities are in line with the people of Wisconsin, who time after time have advocated for increased funding for public schools in their communities. Even in the midst of a global pandemic, the governor has remained steadfast in his promise to further invest in Wisconsin’s academic and economic future – our students.

“School districts, educators, parents, and students have shown amazing adaptability and hard work through this pandemic. Governor Evers recognizes these efforts and makes clear that the state of Wisconsin appreciates and celebrates this work by prioritizing investments that will produce better outcomes for our students, regardless of their race, ethnicity or socio-economic status.”

In addition to these K-12 education funding provisions, Governor Evers’ budget also addresses some of Rep. Pope’s legislative priorities such as paid family leave, increased access to healthcare, and improving access to fast and dependable broadband in rural areas.

“It has been a pleasure working with a governor who has a genuine desire to collaborate with legislators to advance our shared goals. We both believe in commonsense values that employees should never have to choose between their job and their health or that of their family’s, everyone deserves access to quality healthcare, and that broadband internet is crucial to our daily lives and should be available to all. These are but a few of the priorities that, if passed, will help Wisconsin bounce back from this pandemic and continue to prosper long after.”

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