MADISON, WI- Today, The Wisconsin State Assembly passed Assembly Bills 411 & Senate Bill 463, which prohibit anti-sexism & anti-racism teaching in schools. On the passage of these bills, Chairwoman of the Wisconsin Legislative Black Caucus Representative Shelia Stubbs (D-Madison) released the following statement:


“Wisconsin is the worst place to raise a Black family. Black communities face higher rates of incarceration, unemployment and poverty. Racial inequality is alive and well in our state, and it is our duty to find meaningful solutions to create meaningful change. These bills are an attempt to ignore the persistence of racial inequality, and the consequences of our nation’s past.”


“By turning classrooms into political battle fields, we are doing a disservice to our community, to our teachers, and most importantly to our students. We must acknowledged our deep history of discrimination, and educate our young people on how it impacts us today. If we ignore our past and our present, what hope do we have for a better future?”


“These bills put racial blindness above racial justice. This attempt to divisively censor our past will not end racism, but perpetuate it. As the Chairwoman of the Wisconsin Legislative Black Caucus, I will continue to fight for equitable classrooms, equitable communities, and a more equitable Wisconsin for all.”

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