U.S. Rep. Tom Tiffany, R-Minocqua, told GOP activists today Dems in Congress are pushing racist and progressive principles Republicans need to fight against.

Tiffany slammed Dems for supporting critical race theory, calling it “flat out racism” that replaced reading, writing and arithmetic. He also criticized Dems for being “the party of Antifa” and supporting federal lawmakers such as U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Republicans also need to fight back against transgender women participating in women’s sports, he added.

“Today’s Democrat Party wants to put illegal aliens first and Americans last,” he said. “Enough is enough. It’s time to restore an America that protects opportunity for our women and girls, it’s time to renew the founding ideals of this country and the founding principles of our party.”

He said those Dems want to hold people accountable for things that happened before they were born while giving criminals a free pass for looting and rioting.

“Folks, we must never allow progressive demagogues in Congress, the media, or the White House to make us ashamed of our party or our country,” he said.

The Northwoods Republican said he never imagined he would have to fight with Dems over the right to free speech or racism, adding Dems are trading “Martin Luther King Junior’s dream of a colorblind society for government-sponsored racial quotas that discriminate against farmers, restauranteurs and even school children based solely on the color of their skin.”

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