Assembly Speaker Robin Vos says Republicans “have a really good plan” for allocating billions in federal money, adding a veto from Dem Gov. Tony Evers would be playing politics.

In an interview aired Sunday on “UpFront,” Vos said the Republican plan is a “balanced package” that would provide immediate help to homeowners, small businesses and the tourism industry, which has been hit hard by COVID-19, as well as invest in priorities like increased broadband access. “UpFront” is produced in partnership with

“There’s really no good reason why he would veto it, other than playing politics,” Vos said.

Vos did not rule out legal action against the governor over the stimulus funds, but said it “would be a last choice, not a first resort.”

He said Evers’ plan for the $3.2 billion in federal funds is “nothing more than a press release at this point. There’s no detail.”

Vos also said legislative action on so-called “vaccine passports” is possible.

“Do I think that you should have a vaccine passport in order to patronize a business? I don’t. There’s no science, there’s no data, that says it will do anything more than hurt our economic recovery. So, yes, I support that idea, I think it shouldn’t be necessary, because we should support people’s private wishes, but if it becomes that way, of course we’re going to have to do something about that,” he said.

Vos said he is not anti-vaccination and intends to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

He also said a bill that would bar transgender girls from participating in girls’ sports at the K-12 and college levels would move forward with his support.

“The very idea that you are going to have people who are physically a different sex competing in sports really hurts the idea of having female athletics be premiere across our country,” Vos said. He said transgender athletes would have an “unfair advantage” because of “a choice they are making.”

Vos also said he backed the election reform bills Republicans are advancing.

“UpFront” host Matt Smith asked Vos about the push back from some corporations on Republican-sponsored election legislation around the country that some contend is voter suppression.

“They are wrong,” Vos said, adding that these corporations are “virtue signaling.”

“Corporate America does many good things, but they are not engaged in the idea of how laws are made,” Vos said.

In another segment, Dem U.S. Senate candidate Sarah Godlewski said Republican U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson is “disconnected from reality.”

Godlewski, the state treasurer, announced her bid for Senate last week. She said Wisconsin families are struggling and Johnson isn’t helping them.

“Ron Johnson’s in Washington and he is completely denying what’s happening from home. And it’s clear to me that not only is Ron Johnson disconnected from Wisconsin, he’s disconnected from reality, and we need somebody who is willing to understand the issues that Wisconsinites are facing and actually stand up and get things done,” Godlewski said.

Godlewski said she will bring a “unique perspective” to the race.

“We need to be fighting for issues that Wisconsinites care about, whether that’s economic security, fighting for affordable childcare or better wages. We need to be fighting for climate change, not denying it,” she said.

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