Medical professionals who advise their patients to try alternative treatments for things like COVID-19 couldn’t be disciplined for their guidance under legislation the Assembly approved.

Backers included the legislation in a “medical freedom” package they introduced earlier this year, complaining that the government has prevented medical professionals and pharmacists from recommending alternative treatments for COVID-19.

Under the bill, health providers who express their professional opinions on care couldn’t be retaliated against, including discipline by the state’s medical boards.

AB 1007 passed 60-36 along party lines without debate. It now goes to the Senate.

The Assembly also signed off on a tweak the Senate made to legislation that would allow people to submit proof they have natural immunity against COVID-19 in lieu of a vaccination or testing requirement.

The bill would allow chiropractors and pharmacists, along with other health professionals, to sign documentation of a positive COVID-19 or antibody test.

The original bill would have allowed workers or prospective employees to provide a notarized letter stating to the best of their knowledge they have recovered from COVID-19, but an amendment removed that provision.

The bill can now go to Gov. Tony Evers.

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