Assembly Republicans today approved a bill that would create a “parental bill of rights” aimed at giving parents more say over what happens in classrooms.

The Assembly in a 60-34 party line vote approved AB 963, which includes language giving parents the right to determine a child’s religion, type of school, medical care, the pronouns used for the child at school, and more. Republicans argued the bill would help parents maintain their rights, as they say schools are forcing political and other kinds of ideologies on their kids.

Assembly Education Committee Chair Rep. Jeremy Thiesfeldt, R-Fond du Lac, in a floor speech said parents have a strong legal standing to say what schools teach their kids, but those rights should be reinforced by passing the bill.

He rhetorically asked: “What is the harm in reaffirming that parents across the state of Wisconsin have a say in their child’s education?”

Dem Rep. Kristina Shelton, of Green Bay, said she supports taking down barriers to help parents be more engaged with their kids’ schools, but she said parents already have opportunities to be deeply involved such as school board meetings, coaching opportunities and communicating with teachers.

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