Former Justice Michael Gableman on Friday asked a Waukesha County judge to jail the Wisconsin Elections Commission chair and officials with four cities if they refuse to comply with previously issued subpoenas.

Gableman had previously filed a similar request for the mayors of Green Bay and Madison only to back away from the suggestion he was seeking to have them jailed if they failed to comply.

On Friday, he filed an amended motion that accuses the targets of willfully failing to comply with legislative subpoenas and asking the judge to set a deadline for them to do so. The motion asks the judge to jail the officials until they heed the proposed order.

The motion says they all failed to appear by a deadline this week to testify before his office and seeks to have the targets pay the fees and costs incurred by the state due to their actions.

Along with Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich and Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway, the new targets include: Madison Clerk Maribeth Witzel-Behl, Green Bay Clerk Celestine Jeffreys, Elections Commission Chair Ann Jacobs, Elections Commission IT Project Manager Sarah Linske, Wisconsin Director of Enterprise Technology Trina Zanow, Milwaukee Telecommunications Manager David Henke, Milwaukee GIS Analyst Hannah Bubacz and a representative of Racine.

Gableman’s motion misspells Linske’s name, referring to her as “Linkski.”

Rhodes-Conway blasted the move.

“The Vos/Gableman ‘investigation’ has once again gone off the rails,” she said. “After saying he wanted to arrest me, then saying he didn’t, Gableman once again is asking the courts to arrest me and eight other public officials. It’s an awfully bold move for someone we don’t even know is authorized to conduct an investigation.”

Read the court filing.

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