Dear Colleagues,

I humbly seek your support to serve as the Minority Caucus Vice-Chair of the Senate Democratic Caucus. Although new to the senate, I bring years of legislative expertise and leadership to the Senate Leadership Team.

Since my 2012 election to the Wisconsin State Assembly, I have participated and witnessed both houses weather hardships, meet challenges and deliver wins for the people of Wisconsin. Together, as Democrats, we collaborated to generate ideas and create plans benefiting all Wisconsinites regardless of individual political affiliations.

During my five years serving as the State Assembly Assistant Minority Leader, I met challenges and built consensus to benefit the people of our state. We did the hard work and upheld the Governor’s veto while remaining laser-focused on our primary shared goal: standing for the values we believe important. We didn’t slow down for a minute. During my time in leadership, our caucus identified and worked together to campaign and gain three seats from former Republican strongholds.

My assembly experience since 2013 also taught me of the challenge faced by the senate and legislature: successfully countering powerful forces eager to maintain the woeful status quo. But as we saw on this past election night, we have power and support and importantly, the will to use it. We shall continue to stand against those who attack free and fair elections, gerrymander our state, and oppose reproductive freedom. We shall continue to provide a clear alternative to the gerrymandered majority seated within the state senate.

I understand the responsibilities of the Minority Caucus Vice-Chair to assist our leadership team and help to lift up our collective voices, to help us strive towards achieving a majority and passing legislative solutions. I understand the importance of our collective goal, and I will ensure our organization and communications optimize both our individual and shared efforts.

I would be honored to serve as Minority Caucus Vice-Chair of the Senate Democratic Caucus and respectfully ask for your thoughtful consideration and support. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call me directly at 608-219-8127.


Dianne Hesselbein

Senator Elect

27th Senate District

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