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Ieshuh Griffin would address a lack of community resources and opportunities she says is behind much of Milwaukee’s crime problem should she be elected mayor..

To address the city’s crime problem, the Milwaukee activist said she wants to offer additional community resources to give Milwaukeeans more outlets and opportunities so they don’t turn to crime in the first place.

The Milwaukee north side native added she wants to address long-term employment, economic development, juvenile justice and senior services.

Griffin said she also wants to bring job training, counseling and other community resources to help people make better decisions.

“A lot of these crimes are based off of poor judgement, poor decision-making, and it ultimately costs the community,” she said.

Griffin also said she would promote vehicle kill switches and other technologies to help stem the city’s rise in car thefts.

“We could have apps in the cars where they lock people in the car and they go directly and alert the police,” she said. “We could have brake locks where only the owner can make the car go.”

Griffin said she would eliminate the street car that primarily serves Milwaukee’s downtown area because it is a waste of money.

“I think that’s a waste of taxpayer money,” she said. “We could have used that money to expand the bus service and put some more routes in so people can go seek employment in some of these far out places that they can’t reach.”

Blatant discrimination has stopped Milwaukee from becoming a top-tier city, she said, and she wants to change that.

“I think that if we gave everyone an equal opportunity, sensitivity training for those already in a position to give public service, I think that Milwaukee could really, really thrive,” she said.

Listen to the interview here.

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