Milwaukee County War Memorial Center,
750 N. Lincoln Memorial Drive,

Guest speakers are Alzheimer’s and Dementia Rotary Action Group board member Natraj Shanker and Shorewood Connects Dementia Awareness Work Group Chair Sue Kelley on dementia-friendly communities.

This program outlines ways in which communities can support people living with dementia and their caregivers, with a spotlight on how the communities of Shorewood and Greendale are working toward becoming Dementia-Friendly Communities in collaboration with the Alzheimer’s and Dementia Rotary Action Group (ADRAG). This local collaboration between two Dementia-Friendly communities and ADRAG is a pilot program in pursuit of an organizational partnership between Dementia-Friendly America and Rotary International.

Natraj Shanker is a Shorewood resident, Rotarian and a board member of ADRAG. As part of ADRAG he helped form ADRAG-India and initiated the partnership with Dementia-Friendly America.

Sue Kelley is a Shorewood resident and serves as the volunteer Chairperson of the Shorewood Connects Dementia Awareness Work Group. Throughout her career as a planning consultant, Sue has worked to develop programs for underserved older adults to ensure that they have the opportunity to remain connected to and involved in their communities.

Rotary meetings are open to members, invited guests and media.

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