Milwaukee’s transportation sector has been ranked 38th among U.S. transportation emissions sources for the amount of CO2 it produced in 2021. 

That’s according to newly released data from the Climate TRACE, a nonprofit group supported by environmental advocates including former Vice President Al Gore. The organization has created a data tool that includes information from hundreds of satellites and thousands of sensors around the world. 

The transportation rankings include both metropolitan areas and major airports in the list of the top 100 emissions sources. 

Milwaukee’s system of roads produced about 3.9 metric tons of carbon dioxide in 2021, according to the data tool. For comparison, that puts it just above the Seattle Tacoma International Airport, which was ranked 39th with about 3.7 metric tons of CO2 emitted last year. 

Along with ranking emissions from the transportation sector, Climate TRACE also provides rankings for other industries including mining, forestry, electricity production and many more. 

See the data tool:

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