FACT CHECK: www.loripalmeri.com

Claim: “Lori Palmeri was criminally charged with committing fraud, passing worthless checks, and using a fake social security number. We don’t need fraudsters like Palmeri representing our community.”

Source: Case No. 98CM000657, Shawano County Clerk Of Court, Filed 8/8/98 (cited erroneously) and 2001 Application for Driver’s License, Case No. 02CT655, Manitowoc County Clerk Of Court, Filed 12/7/01

FACT CHECK: Lori was criminally charged for fraud and using a fake social security number by Manitowoc County. This is only because Lori did not respond to mail correspondence in relation to the discrepancy due to a change in addresses at the time, resulting from repeated moves for her own safety. Once communication was established, the charge was dropped due to lack of evidence and information, as stated in the record. 

The Shawano County case number yields no results, with a Fond du Lac County case appearing that has no relation to Lori, and has not been able to get further clarification from the Shawano clerk of court’s office.

Claim: “Lori Palmeri was taken to court for not paying her debts.”

Source: Case No. 05-40753-MDM- Lori Hoover Voluntary Bankruptcy Petition, U.S. Bankruptcy Court Eastern District Of Wisconsin, Filed 10/12/05

FACT CHECK: The petition at issue is a voluntary bankruptcy proceeding initiated by her, Lori was not taken to court for not paying her debts.

Claim: “Lori Palmeri refused to pay her taxes, and a tax warrant was issued against her by the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development.”

Source: Case No. 2003TW000013, Wisconsin Department Of Workforce Development V. Lori Hoover, Buffalo County Clerk Of Court, Filed 3/14/03)

FACT CHECK: An unemployment compensation benefits warrant was issued, not a tax warrant. This resulted from a negotiation between Lori and officials as to what was the correct amount Lori should be paying in relation to overpayment of unemployment benefits, which was paid in full once the correct amount was settled and Lori was notified. Furthermore, the Buffalo County Clerk of Court cannot answer why they have any filing in their county, as Lori has never been a resident of the county nor had any business in the county.

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