Dear Colleague, 

As many of you already know, I have spent time in the last week exploring the possibility of running for Conference Secretary to succeed Richard Hudson and today, am formally announcing my candidacy. 

After serving in the House for the past eight years as well as serving in Leadership in the Wisconsin Assembly for four years, and as Assistant Majority Leader in the Wisconsin State Senate for four successful years, I feel I have the experience to contribute to our leadership team. 

I try to be an articulate voice for conservative values while at the same time being conscious of the fact that members in close districts should not be made to take unnecessary tough votes that lead nowhere. 

I was here during the 2015-16 session as we built towards the successful 2017-18 session, when we had the House, Senate, and Presidency. I believe more should have been done in those two years and would like to contribute to successes as we work towards a Republican Presidency. I also sat through the 2018-19 government shut down and at the time advised leadership that the shut down could have been done at a more appropriate time. I would like to contribute with the lessons learned during these sessions. 

I’m not afraid to be outspoken and would be available for whatever duties our speaker assigns. I’ve been blessed with a good office which has put together an email subscriber list of over 55,000 emails and would be glad to help educate freshman members on a good mail program.


Glenn Grothman Signature 

Glenn Grothman
Member of Congress

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