Dear Colleague:

Congratulations on being elected to represent your district in the 106th Wisconsin State Legislature! Thank you also for your hard work over the last six months. That work has ensured our strong Republican majority. We ran and won on ideas that we believe in – a strong economy, lower crime, and better educational options. The voters have put their trust in us and now we must advance conservative principles in the Legislature.  

Tomorrow we will elect the leaders of our chamber. I am humbly asking for your support to retain the position of Speaker.

The last four years of Tony Evers as Governor has been challenging, but I’m proud to have held the line against him and promise to continue to do so these next four.

Even though our efforts to push our conservative agenda were thwarted by Evers’ record-breaking veto pen, you may remember, when Tony Evers was elected in 2018, I went to work on a plan to pass our extraordinary session bills while Governor Walker remained in office. That bill allowed us to engage in litigation in a way we never had before, in an effort to protect all the conservative gains made under Governor Walker. We have been very successful in our efforts including redistricting, striking down Evers’ unlawful COVID orders, and protecting election laws from outside liberal interest groups.

You may also remember our efforts with the Senate to play hardball with Governor Evers during the budget process. He sent us a tax increase. We sent him back a tax cut, and he signed it.

It has been a great privilege to work with our leadership team to strategize wins that kept our conservative ideals alive during the last four years. We will work tirelessly to advance our conservative agenda even though the voters have decided again on a divided government. We are 64-strong and Assembly Republicans always work to solve problems.

My goal as Speaker has always been to run an efficient and effective state Assembly. My office maintains its open-door policy to encourage a free flow of ideas. I value your expertise and individual perspective. What’s important to your district is important to the entire state of Wisconsin. You were elected to be your district’s voice in Madison; I will make sure your voice is heard.

I would be honored and humbled to receive your vote for Speaker of the Assembly for the 106th Wisconsin State Legislature. Your support means a great deal to me and I thank you.


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