La CROSSE — State treasurer candidates stressed various campaign pillars such as climate addressing change, ensuring have access to safe abortions and past experience as reasons to elect them.

West Allis Ald. Angelito Tenorio said his work on the West Allis Administration and Finance Committee helping manage a more than $130 million budget is part of why he’s qualified for the job. He also said he wants to make sure public lands, public schools and efforts to combat climate change get the funding they need.

“I believe climate change is an existential threat to our existence,” he said. “And I believe we must do everything we can to protect our environment, not just across our state, but for future generations.”

Breast cancer detection specialist Dr. Gillian Battino, of Wausau, in her speech focused on ensuring women have access to legal, safe abortion services. She also said she would make sure to fund parks, public schools, under banked communities, programs for people with disabilities, renewable energy programs and more.

“Having a child is the single biggest economic decision of a lifetime, and no one gets to make that decision for us,” she said.

Fitchburg Mayor Aaron Richardson in his speech focused on his experience as a government leader in his city. He added his business degree from UW-Green Bay and masters from UW Whitewater also qualify him for the job.

“I think the most thing the treasurer does is they sit on the board of public lands and they provide funds to school libraries throughout the state,” he said. “That is so important to me. Education is incredibly important to me, just like it is for you.”

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