WARF’s annual research grant to UW-Madison totals $130 million for this academic year. 

The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation yesterday announced its Board of Trustees has approved a $66.1 million base grant following a request from the university’s Office of Research and Graduate Education. That amount is 4 percent higher than last year’s total, according to a release, and funds research for fall, spring and summer semesters. 

The base grant includes $13.5 million for faculty recruitment and retention, $12 million for graduate student support and $2.5 million for faculty fellowships, the release shows. 

It also provides $11.4 million for the university’s Fall Research Competition, $11 million for strategic initiatives, $6 million for various grant matches, $1.5 million for assorted supportive funding and $8.2 million for the Cluster Hiring Initiative and other targeted research efforts. 

WARF, which handles patenting and licensing for research for UW-Madison, also announced $21.7 million in supplemental grants for the university as well as $36.2 million in operational and functional support. And the foundation is providing a $6 million grant to the Morgridge Institute for Research in Madison.  

Institute CEO Brad Schwarz says the funding from WARF is vital to the group’s efforts to boost biomedical research in the state. 

“WARF funding has enabled Morgridge to help speed the development of select emerging research priorities at UW-Madison — everything from metabolism to advanced imaging to research computing,” he said in a statement. 

Since being incorporated in 1925, WARF has funded more than $4.1 billion in cumulative research grants to the university and the institute. That figure is adjusted for inflation. It’s also been issued more than 4,000 patents — including 2,100 active patents — and has helped create 185 startup companies, according to the foundation. 

See the release: https://www.wisbusiness.com/2022/uw-madison-warf-announces-annual-grant-for-university-research/ 

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