The Water Council is touting a new agreement for a product that can remove phosphorus from stormwater, agricultural runoff and other municipal wastewater. 

According to a release from the Milwaukee-based water technology organization, the phosphorus-absorbing pellets were developed by a Kentucky startup called Water Warriors. This company participated in The Water Council’s BREW 2.0 Post-Accelerator program for established startup businesses, and is now part of the group’s Pilot Program. 

The distributor of the pellets will be Phoslock Environmental Technologies, one of the council’s overseas members that’s based in Australia. PET was introduced to Water Warriors through The Water Council. 

“This is a prime example of the way The Water Council drives freshwater innovation and convenes, connects and showcases our members,” council spokeswoman Stacy Vogel Davis said in a statement. 

PET will now be distributing Water Warriors’ product under the name Phosflow, the release shows. The distribution rights agreement covers Europe, USA, Canada, South America, China, Australia and New Zealand for at least two years. 

High levels of phosphorus pollution in water can cause algae to grow faster than ecosystems can handle, the EPA says. This can harm water quality, animal habitats and food resources by lowering oxygen levels that sustain fish and other forms of life. Algal blooms can also lead to higher levels of toxins and bacteria that can harm humans who are exposed. 

The Water Council’s release shows Water Warriors’ product has been tested in “various wastewater settings” over the past two years and found to be environmentally safe. The group says nutrients recovered with the pellets could be reused through soil enhancement projects. 

“Our technology offers a turnkey, easy to implement solution, designed to simplify nutrient treatment for settings that do not have resources available to build new facilities or have unique application needs,” Water Warriors CEO John Gradek said in the release. 

See the release: 

–By Alex Moe

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