The state Supreme Court instructed the Elections Commission to hold off telling clerks which candidates should be on the April 2 presidential primary ballot as they weigh Dean Phillips’ lawsuit seeking to have his name included.

The Dem congressman from Minnesota last week filed a petition for original action with the court, arguing the Presidential Preference Selection Committee and the Wisconsin Elections Commission abused their discretion in only including President Joe Biden on the names for the Dem primary.

The court gave no reasoning in the order it issued late yesterday. It also didn’t indicate when it planned to rule.

In a filing Wednesday, the state Department of Justice, representing WEC and the selection committee, asked the court to issue a ruling by today. The agency argued swift resolution was needed because of looming deadlines, including a requirement that local clerks mail by Feb. 15 presidential primary only ballots to overseas and military voters. Ahead of that, county clerks must have the ballots printed and in the hands of local clerks by Feb. 14.

See the order.

Se more coverage of Phillips’ lawsuit here and here.

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