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Jerry Bader: Are journalists’ tweets journalism?

If Twitter is simply another platform for a journalist to be a journalist, just as websites are an extension of their print or TV product, then should they be held to journalistic standards for expressions of 140 characters or less?

Mitch Henck: Ed Garvey was the real deal

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" radio personality Mitch Henck remembers progressive icon Ed Garvey, who died Wednesday.

John Nichols: Bernie Sanders: Ed Garvey was an inspiration to so many

"Ed was one of the smartest, funniest and most decent people I have ever known," recalled Sanders, when he learned Wednesday that Garvey had died at age 76.

Buzz Davis: Ed Garvey is gone but not forgotten

Ed Garvey, the friend of many, the leader of "what could have been" and a good man has died and I am saddened.

Gregory Humphrey: Wisconsin’s political icon Ed Garvey dies

Throughout his career there was never a time when Garvey did not weigh in with his hopes and ideals about the needs of voters and try to press our attention towards better policy outcomes.

Jeramey Jannene: 5 election takeaways

A horrible turnout, a big night for Evers, and who the heck is William Crowley?

Rebecca Blank: The proposed budget for 2017-19

We continue to analyze the entire proposal and as we have delved into details of the policy items it contains, there are several areas about which we have concerns. Here are a few of the items we are closely tracking.

Joseph Pregont: It’s time to reinvest in the University of Wisconsin

I know how important it is to find ways to cut costs and increase efficiency. But because of repeated budget reductions across the UW System, our institutions have become more cost conscious.

Kathleen Vinehout: Searching for the ‘reform dividend’

What is the “Reform Dividend” the Governor spoke about in his budget address? Where is it? How much is it? An inquiring mind wanted to know.

Matthew Fernholz and CJ Szafir: Gorsuch a worthy successor to Scalia

If past is prologue, Judge Gorsuch’s record gives us every assurance that he will be a jurist bound by the text of the Constitution.

Dave Zweifel: So far Donald Trump has done zilch for working stiffs

Donald Trump promised all of us that he was going to help America's forgotten working people who've been abandoned by the powers that be in this country. I'm trying to figure out, though, how this city slicker's initial actions are going to help the beleaguered working stiffs he claims to care so much about.

Bill Kaplan: Trump, Ryan and GOP on slippery slope

Trump has reprised Nixonian rhetoric, calling Trump supporters the “silent majority” and himself the “law and order” president. And, like Nixon he may be heading toward a constitutional crisis.

Gary Wetzel: Repealing Wisconsin’s prevailing wage law would hurt veterans

If you cut construction worker wages by repealing prevailing wage laws — which everyone agrees will happen if prevailing wage laws are eliminated — veterans will be harder hit because veterans are more likely to work in the construction industry.

Jonathan Krause: This democracy of which you speak …

So here we are on Election Day in Wisconsin, and where are all of these "social justice warriors" and "defenders of democracy"? I can tell you they certainly aren't on the ballot.

Mitch Henck: If you don’t fix public schools, you don’t fix education

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" radio personality Mitch Henck gives his two cents on education as Wisconsin voters face a primary in the state race for superintendent of public instruction.