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James Rowen: WI boosts big dairies & supply; smaller farms threatened anew

Some things to think about the next time you buy a gallon of milk or turn on your kitchen tap.

Dave Zweifel: Please GOP, save us from ourselves

Sen. Duey Stroebel constantly harps about awful big government and how it's an ogre that hamstrings the independence of American citizens, but he's telling local property taxpayers the state government knows what's best for them.

‘The Insiders’ tackle health care, state superintendent’s race

The WisOpinion Insiders, Chuck Chvala and Ted Kanavas, tackle the difficulties of Dems vs. Walker and Ryan and Priebus on health care along with...

Paul Fanlund: ‘Sophisticated resignation’ is a bad option

Nothing has befuddled me quite as much as Trump voters who stand by him even when he moves to kill government programs that have greatly helped them.

Dave Zweifel: Rep. Cory Mason deserves kudos for open government efforts

One of the few legislators with the courage to stick his neck out for open government in Wisconsin is likely to be leaving soon and that will be a loss for state government.

Declining fortunes: WEAC suffered nation’s worst revenue decline in 2015

Wisconsin's largest teachers' union suffered a decline in revenue of more than $3 million between 2014 and 2015, the largest decline in the country, according to a new study by the Education Intelligence Agency.

Matt Rothschild: Iowa takes Walker’s advice, crushes workers

Iowa Republicans rolled back collective bargaining rights for public employees and lowered the minimum wage in four counties that had raised it. Now no county can have a minimum wage above the federal minimum of $7.25 an hour.

David D. Haynes: After UW-Oshkosh scandal, ‘trust but verify’

The Legislature’s joint audit committee is calling for the nonpartisan Legislative Audit Board to audit the relationship between all UW System campuses and their legally separate, affiliated foundations. That’s an excellent idea.

Dr. Richard Weiner: Your money or your life!

Medicine in the post-AHCA era.

Danielle Endvick: At the mercy of the mailbox: Dairies dropping family farms

To the tune of a single sheet of paper in the mailbox, a farm’s legacy – maybe even generations of sweat and tears – could come to a close.

Gregory Humphrey: Should Wisconsin dairy farmers be subsidized for Canadian actions?

I have no grand answers as to how this should be handled. But I think this is a good time to have a sober discussion about the role of government.

Chris Holman: Farmers deserve better

This week, just shy of 100 Wisconsin dairy farmers who produce for Grassland were notified they would need to find somewhere else to sell their milk.

James Rowen: WI Senate OK’s privatization of public groundwater

If the Assembly follows suit, Walker will sign the bill as fast as you can 'check's in the mail,' and people living or fishing or working a small farm nearby or downstream can watch the big users with their high-voile wells hold those withdrawal rights in perpetuity.

Ernst-Ulrich Franzen: Should Wisconsin stop mandating instructional hours?

Gov. Scott Walker’s budget calls for eliminating a state law that mandates a minimum number of hours and days of instruction for students, apparently making Wisconsin the only state without such a law.?

Bruce Thompson: Should Wisconsin reconsider Medicaid expansion?

States that did saw the largest decrease in uninsured.
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