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Dave Zweifel: Remind me how deregulation makes things better

I hate to say I told you so, but the incident at United Airlines a couple of weeks ago was bound to happen because of the obsession too many of our politicians have for deregulation.

Scott Ross: Walker gave over $1 billion to the rich, but has no evidence...

In recent testimony before the Legislature, the Secretary of the Department of Revenue for the Walker administration claimed that a runaway manufacturing and agricultural tax giveaway to the wealthy and corporations enacted in the 2011 state budget is helping create jobs. But in response to an open records request by One Wisconsin Now seeking documentation to back up Rick Chandler’s job creation claim the agency replied: “We do not have any such records.”

Charlie Sykes’ ‘Indivisible’: How the war on drugs affects politics

On this episode of Indivisible, Right Wisconsin Editor Charlie Sykes asked listeners who are affected by the opioid crisis to call in and say how it may or may not have influenced their vote.

James Sensenbrenner: Obamacare is failing Wisconsin

This disastrous law is bad for Wisconsin and bad for America, which is why Republicans are working to repeal and replace it with a plan that increases access to coverage, lowers premiums, and provides more options for health care consumers.

Mike Cummens: Sensenbrenner is wrong; Obamacare works well for Wisconsin

It is time for Sensenbrenner to face the facts. Obamacare is popular. It is not failing. He can continue to work against it or he can help his constituents afford quality health care.

Dominique Paul Noth: How to pick (or not) the right Democrat to run for...

I don’t know which is more distressing – the Democrats thinking the game is over because the party has not locked in lead candidates for Wisconsin governor in 2018, or the party assumption expressed at social gatherings that it has to be someone personally well heeled to take on incumbent Scott Walker.

Kevin Binversie: So Baldwin’s now for tax simplification? Not so fast.

A cadre of liberal senators believe America’s real tax problem is how companies like Quicken make money with products like their Turbo Tax software, not the fact that the tax code is so complex. They fail to see the forest from the trees to realize that filing one’s taxes is so much of a hassle that the average taxpayer needs help.

Richard Chandler: Wisconsin’s tax climate has improved dramatically

We’ve made Wisconsin’s tax climate much more competitive and we want to reduce income and property taxes even more in the next two years to keep our momentum going.

Steven Walters: State targets tax evaders

New enforcement agents could collect $400 million in taxes owed.

Tamarine Cornelius: State taxes lowest for wealthiest

Top 1% of state pay 6.2% of income, middle-class pays 10%.

Bruce Murphy: The tax handout for rich kids

State's “neo-vouchers” reimburse wealthy who send kids to elite private schools.

Mark Miller: Waters of Wisconsin and high capacity wells

High-capacity well permits must be for a fixed duration like every other environmental permit.

James Rowen: Walker’s policies hurting small farms

High capacity wells help big agriculture, hurt small farms, environment.

Dave Considine: Show your support for the environment this Earth Day

Earth Day reminds us each year that we only have one environment, and that it is each of our responsibility as citizens to protect it.

Mitch Henck: Who will challenge Scott Walker?

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" radio personality Mitch Henck gives his two cents on Democrats who might come forward to challenge Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.
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