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David Blaska: Faced with Foxconn and 13,000 jobs, Democrats erect suicide nets around party

Let’s see those Democrats vote against Foxconn. To do so would be, dare we say it, political suicide.

Dave Cieslewicz: The Foxconn sucker bet

Alternative uses for $3 billion would be more fruitful.

Will Flanders: In defense of school choice

Vouchers aren’t about making a profit, but giving parents choices.

Al Christianson: The real Flambeau Mine story

It is refreshing to learn that legislation is being introduced to lift Wisconsin’s long-standing moratorium on metallic mineral mining. We here in northern Wisconsin can potentially share in the economic gains that our neighbors in northern Minnesota and Michigan are looking forward to with current mining projects under development.

Tamarine Cornelius: State’s wealth gap keeps growing

Since 1970s income of top 1% rose 130%, other 99% grew by just 9%.

George Mitchell: The Moody’s debt upgrade — what it does (and doesn’t) mean

The upgrade by Moody’s groups Wisconsin with 18 states that are one notch below the top tier of 14 states. It remains to be seen whether the other two rating services (Standard and Poor’s and Fitch Ratings) will follow suit. Currently, S&P rates Wisconsin in a group that is below 29 other states.

Tom Still: Thinking big on Foxconn will help entrepreneurs, not squeeze them

The chance to lure Foxconn Technology Group to Wisconsin is not just about securing 13,000 direct jobs over time and twice that many indirect jobs, but changing the business landscape in a way that will spur ideas, products and companies yet to be imagined.

Steven Walters: 10 questions about Foxconn making lawmakers squirm

With an Assembly vote on the package—the biggest ever economic development deal between state government and a business—tentatively scheduled for Thursday, here are 10 questions that have every legislator squirming.

Richard Chandler: Wherever they reside, Foxconn workers will boost Wisconsin tax collections

The vast majority of the Foxconn workers will be Wisconsin residents, but some will commute here from Illinois. It’s important to understand that Wisconsin will receive income tax payments for all the Foxconn employees, wherever they reside.

Dave Zweifel: Earth Day legacy is at risk with Foxconn

Regardless of which side you take in the Foxconn saga, the willingness of the Walker administration to barter away the state's time-honored environmental protections for what could be an elusive promise of jobs from a corporation with a reputation for reneging has got to be troubling on the surface.

Scot Ross: What’s missing from Foxconn deal? A lot

If protecting workers, taxpayers and our environment isn’t in the law, it’s not going to happen.

Mitch Henck: Foxconn critics are missing something

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" radio personality Mitch Henck gives his two cents about critics who question whether Wisconsin will break even in its deal with Foxconn.

Bill Kaplan: Johnson-Trump, loose cannons

Johnson and Trump have much in common.

Jim Clark and Vincent Lyles: Milwaukee’s, and America’s youths, are in crisis

To turn things around, we need parents, educators, employers, community representatives, law enforcement agencies and every political and social leader in the country — from the state house to the White House — to think about what kind of world we want to live in, and participate in a national dialogue about how to get there.

Jim Sensenbrenner: The Senate failed on health care

Despite ongoing reports of the breakdown of Obamacare in their states and states throughout the country, a small group of Republican Senators refused to stand up and vote for the best interests of their constituents and Americans nationwide.
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