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Ray Allen: Limits to unemployment insurance work-search waivers support Wisconsin employers & workers

A system that motivates workers to support themselves and their families, expands the talent pool for employers, brings greater fairness to all employers who pay into the UI Trust Fund, and drives up hiring and retention incentives, is a system that will move our economy and state forward.

Kathleen Vinehout: Don’t eliminate the state treasurer

Wisconsin is the only state where treasurer doesn't oversee cash management.

Melissa Sargent: Wisconsin’s lead crisis demands leadership

We need meaningful, comprehensive solutions to prevent the continued exacerbation of lead-related issues, and I can think of no better issue to demonstrate the Legislature’s capacity to transcend partisanship than on addressing the lead crisis in Wisconsin.

Dan Benson: Is Milwaukee a ‘donor’ city?

More than it used to be, but Mayor Tom Barrett fails to count all the state’s funding to the city or how much other communities give.

George Mitchell: The transportation debate: Assessing Gov. Walker’s role

Where does the buck stop in Madison?

Mitch Henck: Subsidizing health care? We already do

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" radio personality Mitch Henck gives his two cents on Republicans' health care overhaul.
Donald Trump in Wisconsin

Christian Schneider: Fauxbamacare flops for Trump, GOP

Nobody voted for Republicans to keep the most objectionable parts of the Affordable Care Act.

John Torinus: GOP replacement plan: missed opportunities

They had seven years while vehemently opposing the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which played out as the unaffordable Care Act, to craft with an elegant plan for governing the health care industry – nearly one-fifth of the U.S. economy. Instead they made least-wurst sausage.

Dave Zweifel: Trump’s terror obsession ignores gun carnage

My Cargo Coffee Shop friend Charlie was elated with New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof's column recently that noted the anomaly of how excited we get about the possibility of terror attacks, but fall asleep whenever we talk about America's real problem: guns.

Gretchen Schuldt: Sen. Baldwin is right: Gorsuch is the wrong choice for SCOTUS

If you ignore all the chatter and study Gorsuch’s record, however, what emerges is a portrait of a far-right judge who is even more extreme than Justice Antonin Scalia, and whose legal views would harm Wisconsin workers and families.

Ben Brancel: Governor Walker’s budget works for rural Wisconsin

I am optimistic for the future of Wisconsin’s rural communities. I believe Governor Walker’s budget makes a strong investment in our rural communities and Wisconsin’s future.

Tamarine Cornelius: Wisconsin lawmakers set to consider radical proposal to amend U.S. Constitution

State lawmakers in Wisconsin are seeking to pass a resolution that calls for a convention to make drastic changes to the U.S. Constitution. If enough states join this effort, delegates to such a convention could have wide-ranging authority to make amendments to the constitution with very little in the way of external controls on what they are enabled to do.

Bruce Murphy: Who’s to blame for Milwaukee pension mess?

County’s countless expensive mistakes go back at least 15 years -- and still no solution.

Charles Benson: My dinner with POTUS

It was an awesome night; engaging, enlightening and entertaining. I never thought as a journalist I would have dinner at the White House with any president.
Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan: The American Health Care Act: What you need to know

Our plan will create an environment for universal access to quality, affordable health care. It will help create more choices, lower costs, and give back control to individuals and families. It will move decisions away from Washington and into state programs, doctors’ offices, and family living rooms.
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