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Stephen M. Born: DNR break up just another quick ‘fix’

Instead of a knee-jerk reaction, how about doing an in-depth study to truly understand how best to protect the environment in Wisconsin?

Edward A. Fallone: Ninth Circuit rules 3-0 against Trump administration: Analysis and explanation

The Ninth Circuit issued an unanimous ruling in State of Washington v. Trump rejecting the Trump Administration’s motion for an emergency stay of the District Court’s temporary injunction.

Jake Curtis: Baldwin refuses to give Neil Gorsuch the courtesy of a fair hearing

Breathtakingly, even prior to the formal introduction of Judge Neil Gorsuch as President Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court, several Democrats hinted at a filibuster, a truly unprecedented move. Following Gorsuch’s introduction, no response rivaled that of Wisconsin’s Sen. Tammy Baldwin.

Buzz Davis: DeVos confirmation confirms need for political revolution & public financing

The column below reflects the views of the author, and these opinions are neither endorsed nor supported by WisOpinion.com. We Americans are pragmatic – when...

Mitch Henck: Why is GOP picking on Elizabeth Warren?

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" local radio personality Mitch Henck gives his two cents after Sen. Elizabeth Warren was rebuked by Senate leadership.

Kristin Tate: Bannon and Priebus: The odd couple that holds Trump’s keys to success

The back and forth between the establishment GOP and the populist insurgent wing of the party is perhaps best personified by the relationship between White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon and Chief of Staff Reince Priebus.

WisPolitics.com Book Club podcast with author Jack Mitchell

The latest edition of the WisPolitics.com Book Club podcast features an interview with Jack Mitchell, a professor in the UW-Madison School of Journalism and Mass Communication, about his new book, "Wisconsin on the Air: 100 Years of Public Broadcasting in the State That Invented It."

Robert Kraig: The great health care bait-and-switch

Only “we the people,” through the agency of our own democratic government, can guarantee health care to everyone in America.

Bruce Thompson: The curious politics of rural counties

New voting data shows their power, but makes their trust in Trump a mystery.

Matt Rothschild: How anti-abortion groups fund the GOP in Wisconsin

Outside electioneering activities, like mailings, broadcast ads and robocalls, from anti-abortion organizations totaled about $159,700 between January 2010 and December 2016 – all to support Republicans and oppose Democrats seeking legislative and statewide offices.

Dave Cieslewicz: Lost in Wisconsin

The Democratic Party is lost in the wilderness. I went looking for it.

Jim Sensenbrenner: Rolling back regulations

Rather than helping Americans, overregulation has stifled innovation, stalled economic growth, and cost taxpayers billions of dollars in lost income.

Jerry Bader: Trump defenders and sensitivity

Those who voted for the 45th president have two distinct world views on what’s offensive: One they apply to Trump, the other to anything negative said about Trump.

David D. Haynes: Why Democrats are wrong to fight Judge Neil Gorsuch

Sure, Democrats should play hardball but they shouldn't overreach.

Mitch Henck: Prediction — Donald Trump wins in Supreme Court

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" local radio personality Mitch Henck gives his two cents on the court challenge over Donald Trump's travel ban.
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