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Jerry Bader: Trump defenders and sensitivity

Those who voted for the 45th president have two distinct world views on what’s offensive: One they apply to Trump, the other to anything negative said about Trump.

David D. Haynes: Why Democrats are wrong to fight Judge Neil Gorsuch

Sure, Democrats should play hardball but they shouldn't overreach.

Mitch Henck: Prediction — Donald Trump wins in Supreme Court

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" local radio personality Mitch Henck gives his two cents on the court challenge over Donald Trump's travel ban.

Charles Sykes: Why nobody cares the president is lying

All administrations lie, but what we are seeing here is an attack on credibility itself.

Andrea Kaminski: Lawmakers should minimize partisanship in redrawing voting maps

A federal court has ordered the Wisconsin Legislature to redraw voting districts in time for the 2018 elections. This is a victory for voters, who have been voting in gerrymandered districts that were ruled unconstitutional in November.

Mitch Henck: Scott Walker uses education to avoid trouble

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" local radio personality Mitch Henck gives his two cents on Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's education funding proposals.

James Wigderson: DOT audit exposes systemic problems

It's hard to imagine that any agency crying poverty as much as the Wisconsin DOT could be so reckless with the taxpayer dollar.

Christian Schneider: Trump inching towards the Blago blueprint

The personal characteristics they share are evident: inveterate narcissism, hopeless delusion, coarse speaking styles, insatiable tastes for revenge and improbable hair.

Matt Rothschild: GOP bill penalizes sanctuary cities

A suburban Milwaukee GOP lawmaker is resurrecting a bill that would fine so-called sanctuary cities up to $5,000 a day.

Steven Walters: Walker’s budget will lay re-election foundations

Governors often say this: You win or lose a campaign for re-election in the year before the actual election. Which explains the broad reach of proposals in the 2017-19 budget that Republican Gov. Scott Walker gives lawmakers Wednesday ...

Jim Sensenbrenner: Reducing dependent care costs gives families a hand

On average, Wisconsin parents pay more than $9,000 each year for child care. That is nearly as much as one year of in-state tuition at the University of Wisconsin — Madison.

Jon Peacock: The limits of Badger Care

Federal policy guidelines that were adjusted for inflation last week are worth examining because they help illustrate the challenges faced by low-income working families. They show, for example, that single parents with one child are currently ineligible for BadgerCare if they have a full-time job that pays more than $7.81 per hour.

Chris Rickert: For state GOP, no shame in making taxpayers pay its bills

There is a lot of reason to ask questions about why the Republicans who control the state Legislature are using taxpayer dollars to hire private lawyers to represent them in a lawsuit challenging the state’s legislative district maps.

Mitch Henck: Donald Trump’s talk needs to be smarter, or else

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" local radio personality Mitch Henck gives his two cents on the words of President Donald Trump.

Jennifer Cheatham: What we need is strong support for public schools

With a contested race for state superintendent of public instruction and a legislative session that is swinging into gear, much is at stake for public education in Wisconsin.
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