Laundry service startup targets BnBs and other rentals

Startup company Washbnb does what many Airbnb hosts, vacation rental property owners and boutique hotel managers don’t necessarily have the equipment or time to do — laundry.  Founder and CEO Daniel Cruz figured that out for himself when he began

New medical device aids in treatment of cardiac surgery patients

A device created by the team at Atrility Medical helps doctors caring for cardiac surgery patients to quickly and accurately recognize heart rhythm issues following surgery. After heart surgery, irregular heartbeats called arrhythmias are common and can be difficult to

BookScape brings the written word to 3D life

Trevor Santarius has always consumed a variety of written material, from books to newsletters to online blogs and more.  In his consumption of text-based media, Santarius (pictured above) imagined the excitement that could come from turning these writings into a

Colorful Connections seeks to help companies meet diversity goals

After a year of historic social and racial turmoil, many corporations have committed to creating an inclusive and diverse workplace. But those pledges can fall short of accomplishing company goals due to a lack of diversity-focused hiring resources.

Nobbits hopes to “tie up” the market for specialized shoelaces

Fitchburg-based Nobbits USA LLC makes shoelaces that lessen the chances of knots coming untied. Nobbits makes shoelaces from polyester with raised dots — “nobbs” — formed from an adhesive on both sides of the shoelace. These nobbs create consistent tension

C-Motive Technologies is reshaping electric motors and generators

To mitigate the changing climate and maintain a cleaner future, the world is increasingly turning to renewable energy. In the world of motors and generators, that means changing how electric power is generated.  Enter C-Motive Technologies, which focuses on making

AirDeck helps create on-demand business presentations during COVID-19

The entertainment industry has increasingly become “on-demand” with movie, television and music streaming services. But in the business world, people still rely on real-time communication and meetings. Madison entrepreneur Jason Weaver found it difficult to align schedules with business contacts

CarePool lowers rural transit barriers for elderly, disabled

As a young entrepreneur, Josh Massey witnessed the agony his grandmother experienced riding the Medicare vans to medical appointments and other visits from her rural Wisconsin home.  His grandmother was a frequent customer of this “old-school” van program, he said.

SmarTrac can help alleviate shortage of physical therapists

Physical therapy can make the difference for a quick post-surgery recovery. Unfortunately, the U.S. is experiencing an extreme shortage of physical therapists that is only expected to get worse, according to a UW-Madison computer sciences professor and entrepreneur. “The demand

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