May 13 @ 9:00 am 4:00 pm

Sponsored by: “No Better Friends”

Wisconsin Conservative Digest

Hampton Inn, West Allis

From 0900 to 1600h

Pizza lunch

The GOP has lost almost 20 in Row the last few years???


We are losing the women’s vote and lack of Female leaders.

In all of the campaigns, where I have been leader we always had women at the top keeping us in line and out-working the men.

Women in Wisconsin:

Are you sick of your propane bill, gas bill going sky high? Can’t feed the family eggs, butter? Seeing the Teaches union teach your kids a lot of crap while the scores for the Three R’s go down.

Has crime kept you out of downtown Milwaukee, carjacking, auto theft?

Women have to address these problems.

Two of our top congressman; Tom Tiffany, rumored to be candidate for US Senate and Bryan Steil, people who can make difference, and solve problems, plus the top women in Wisconsin will discuss our problems and put forth solutions.

You Can Help!!

The program starts at 0900 and will go to 1300 h when Matt Batzel of American Majority will take over and teach you all how to organize politically, run for office and run campaigns.

How to organize programs, locally, to fight these crazy notions where biological males want to compete against your girls and the Fentanyl drug crisis is killing our kids, mostly young women.

Why can’t our kids read while at the same time the teachers union is jamming CRT, DEI, Wokism down their throats.

You can help.

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